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Qingdao Power Station Valve Co., Ltd. (formerly Qingdao Power Station Valve Factory) is a professional manufacturer of valve products for power station boilers designated by the state. It has the highest level certification license for the manufacture of special equipment issued by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China. Qingdao Municipal Technology Center, is the national power station valve development, production and complete set of backbone enterprises. Qingdian valve is a member of the national valve Standardization Committee and an expert unit of the national boiler and Pressure Vessel Standard Committee. It presides over or participates in the formulation of more than ten domestic valve manufacturing and inspection standards, and the company has more than 20 product technology patents. The product range covers all domestic sub critical, ultra supercritical parameters of power station boiler, steam turbine pipeline valve, turbine bypass, temperature and pressure reducing device, etc., and provides valve matching for petrochemical, papermaking, shipbuilding and other industries. The company has won the titles of "Qingdao famous brand product", "Qingdao famous trademark", "Shandong famous brand" and "Shandong famous trademark". The state-owned enterprises listed in the key support of Qingdao municipal government have been inspected and guided by provincial and municipal leaders for many times.

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